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Challenges Faced by Process Servers

Private process servers face many challenges in the course of their duties. Before hiring a process server, it is important to know the challenges that they face. This will help you understand why they charge what they do and why it might take longer than anticipated to get your papers delivered.

Missing Parties

Sometimes the party that needs to be served is missing in action. They may have moved, changed employers, or even left the state. They might just be on vacation, or they might be actively trying to avoid being served. Whatever the case, sometimes it takes quite a bit of legwork to determine where and when an individual can be served. Process servers have a lot of tools at their disposal to help them find parties to be served, but it can take time.


It is unfortunate, but it often happens that private process servers are assaulted in their attempts to serve papers. Most people who are served with papers don’t want to be served. They may be very angry with the person who has filed against them, and that anger spills out into the interaction with the process server. Process servers are often armed or have some type of protection, and most are not afraid to contact local law enforcement for backup if necessary. But this peril that they frequently face is one reason services can cost more. They are literally putting their safety at risk every time they knock on a door.

Legal Regulations

There are a lot of legal regulations that determine how court papers in different types of cases must be handled by a process server. These regulations are constantly changing, and it is up to the process server to stay on top of the changes and follow all regulations to the letter.

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