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Three Common Questions About Service of Process

Most people do not know much about service of process, process servers, or how court cases actually work. You might have seen the process play out on television or in the movies, but you probably know little about the process in the real world. Most people are the same. Here are the three most common questions about service of process and process servers.

What Is Service of Process?

Service of process is part of the due process rights that every citizen of the United States has. When you file a legal action against someone, you have to notify them so that they can respond accordingly. This notification has to be done in a certain way, and it has to be verified by the courts. There are many rules and regulations about service of process and how it can be done. The sheriff’s department serves papers as part of their duties, but it may be beneficial to hire a private process server for a number of reasons.

What Happens If They Can’t Be Found?

Sometimes people will go to extreme measures to avoid legal action, including moving, changing jobs, or changing their name. The bigger the court case, the more likely they are to take extreme measures. So what happens if you can’t find someone who needs to be served? Private process servers have a lot of tools at their disposal to find people who don’t want to be found. This is known as a skip trace.

If a skip trace still can’t turn up the person to be served, you may have other options. Some judges will allow different types of alternative service, such as publication in a newspaper. Some courts are now also allowing service via social media, email, or other digital means.

Where Can Someone Be Served?

The short answer is anywhere. A person can be served at home, at work, at a friend’s house, or anywhere else that you know they will be at a certain time and place. This is why social media is so helpful in serving people who are otherwise hard to find. If they post about their planned activities online, process servers can find that information and use it to serve them.

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