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Three Benefits of Using a Private Process Server for Evictions

It is unfortunate, but sometimes it becomes necessary to evict a tenant, either for nonpayment of rent or another lease violation. In the state of Florida, you do not need a process server for the initial eviction notice, but there are a lot of good reasons to use one for all of your eviction needs.

Initial Notices

A three-day notice is required for nonpayment of rent. The tenant has three days to pay the rent before you can go to the courthouse and file for an eviction. A seven-day notice is given for other lease violations, and you cannot file for eviction with the courts until the seven days have passed without action. While you can post these notices yourself, using a private process server allows you to have evidence that the three-day notice was, in fact, given.

Timely Evictions

While you can have the sheriff or their deputies serve the actual eviction papers to the tenant, it can be much faster to use a private process server. A private process server only handles serving papers, while the sheriff’s department has many other more pressing duties and responsibilities. This means that your eviction could be served much more quickly with a private process server.

Less Confrontation

Most tenants are not likely to be happy about receiving a three-day or seven-day notice. A private process server has the training to be able to avoid confrontation while still posting your notice. It is also illegal for an individual to verbally or physically attack a process server, so they will be able to contact authorities if they have any problems.

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