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What Problems Do Process Servers Face When Serving Papers

When you have legal papers to be served for your court case, you want the process to go as smoothly and quickly as possible. However, there are some instances in which service of process might be delayed. Here are some of the common problems that process servers face when serving papers.

Trespassing Signs

Process servers are not law enforcement; and because of this, they have to follow all of the same laws that civilians have to follow. This includes not going on property that is marked no trespassing. If a process server trespasses to try to serve papers, they are outside the law, and the property owner could take fairly drastic measures. This is really not safe for the process server, and they won’t go on property marked with trespassing signs.

Uncooperative Employer

If someone can’t be served at home, for example because of trespassing signs, the process server might make the attempt to serve the papers at the individual’s place of employment. There are no laws against serving someone at work, but there are also no laws stating that the employer has to allow access to their employees. If the employer is uncooperative and will not allow access to the individual to be served and they can’t be served at home, this can delay the process.

Missing Persons

Sometimes the contact information listed on court documents is no longer accurate. When that happens, it is up to the process server to track down the intended party. They can use public records and other online resources, as well as private investigators, to track down the people who need to be served. 

Most of the time, these issues do not stop someone from being served. Common problems that process servers face have common solutions. If you have papers that you need served, contact us today to learn how we can help.