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What to Ask Your Process Server Before Hiring

Even though all private process servers have to register with the courts, being certified doesn’t mean that they have the same talent and qualifications as all other process servers. The difference between service companies is more than just price. Here are some things you should ask your process server before hiring to make sure you are using a service that will be beneficial.

How many years of experience does the process server/company have?

If a particular process server will be assigned to your case, ask how many years of experience they have. Be aware that just because someone is new to the company doesn’t mean they aren’t completely capable. Asking how many years the company has been in operation is also a good way to gauge the level of success of the person handling your papers.

What ongoing training do you have?

A good process service company is going to offer onboarding and refresher training to all process servers under their umbrella on a regular basis. The better the training program, the more likely even their most novice process servers will be able to handle most cases.

What if the location of the party to be served is unknown?

The desired answer to this question is that they will do a skip trace to find the individual. Some process servers outsource this type of work to private investigators, which can be very costly. A good process server will be able to conduct the skip tracing on their own to keep your costs down.

Which Florida counties can you serve papers in?

Private process servers can only serve legal papers in the county that they are registered in. However, some process servers are registered in more than one county. If you have a multi-jurisdictional case, having a process server able to serve in both counties is a great asset.

If you are in need of a reputable and responsible process service company, contact us today to be matched with a private process server.