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Terms & Conditions

Pre-Payment is required for all new Clients. Preferred method of pre-payment is with a credit card via our website. If we do allow you to pay upon receipt of Invoice due to a special arrangement and established business relationship, the grace period will not exceed 30 days. If a singular Invoice remains unpaid after the 30 day time limit, there will be a late/administrative fee applied to the initial amount invoiced. Cash, checks, money orders and all major credit/debit cards are accepted. We do not operate under the Barter System. Cash is accepted only in person. Credit and debit cards can be processed online via the website (see above right on Menu Bar). Checks and Money Orders can be given to Accurate Serve® in person or mailed to:

Sarasota Office:
Accurate Serve®
5077 Fruitville Rd., Ste. 109, #221
Sarasota, FL 34232
Bradenton Office:
Accurate Serve®
7466 Cortez Rd. W., Ste. 276
Bradenton, FL 34210


Address & Attempts

Our service fee includes 4 attempts at one address. If we have to go to a second address to effectuate service, then there will be a separate charge for the 2nd address. We know you prefer us to get it served on our first attempt, as do we. But, that’s not always going to be the case. If we have an evader, we may go back more than 4 times and not charge. But, if we have to go to a second or third address, we will charge for each location. We’re fair, we’re not crooks, we promise – check the Google reviews.

No refunds (Period)(Exclamation). If you hire us for service, we get the job done quick, going to work right away. If you are looking for someone to camp on your papers, please contact the Forestry Department. So, chances of a refund are slim to none. If we put effort in to completing a service for you, our efforts deserved to be compensated.

We’d love to serve your papers, nothing would make us happier. Give us a chance, give us that opportunity to prove ourselves. If you understand our policies and procedures and want to do business with us, call or email now.

SRQ BUSINESS VENTURES, LLC d/b/a Accurate Serve of Sarasota and it’s Franchisor Winston Honore Holdings, LLC d/b/a Accurate Serve® are released from any liability or claims that may arise out of using this service.

Our Process

We get a phone call or an email and the query is generally the same, “What is your rate?” and “Do you cover this area?” Rates depend on a multitude of factors. Where is the paper being served? How many people? Standard Service? Rush Service? So, call us to chat it up and we can better quote you our service fee. The great thing about Accurate Serve is that we have 19 offices in Florida. This allows us the ability to offer you lower rates and extraordinary service. And the answer to the 2nd question is “YES,” we cover that area. Did you also see the line in the previous paragraph mentioning our 19 offices? We have served papers in every county of FL. That’s 67 in case you are going to Trivia Night at your local eating/drinking establishment in the near future. A No Brainer is that we have 50 states, right – let’s hope. Guess what, we have served process in every State in the U.S. Are you familiar with the Hague Convention? We are, and if you’re looking to serve a Defendant outside of the U.S., turn to us for direction, chances are we have served there.What level of service do you seek? Standard, Rush, Same Day? We are quick when it comes to serving papers. We understand and embrace the role we play in the legal field. You need your Defendants served with Summonses, you don’t need a process server camping on the papers. You need a Process Server to make service to allow the courts jurisdiction over those persons. If you want to upgrade to Rush services, please let us know. Note, if there is a court date in the upcoming week, we automatically classify it as a Rush service.

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