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How skip tracing can aid lawyers

Did you know that skip tracing is for more than just finding cars to repo? Skip tracing actually refers to the many different methods that can be used to track people down. There are a lot of reasons that skip tracing might be required, and having a process server with these skills as a partner could be just what you need to get your law practice running smoothly. Here are some of the most common ways that skip tracing can help your law firm.

Find missing witnesses

Often a case will be hinged on one or two key witnesses. While physical evidence is always best, getting eye witness accounts can be of assistance. In addition, you may need to have witnesses verify information relating to a civil or criminal case in order for it to be considered evidence.

For whatever reason you need to find your witness, we can handle the skip tracing for you with no problem. If that witness can be found and served, we’ll manage it.

Find missing parties to lawsuits

For a lawsuit to be successful it must be filed against the correct people or entities. If there is any discrepancy between these and those actually listed on the papers it could derail a case. We can use skip tracing to find and serve the people financially and legally responsible for your case.

Digging up information and location of business owners.

If a civil lawsuit is filed against a business that has gone defunct, which is happening more and more often due to COVID, you’ll have to figure out who is responsible for new lawsuits against the company. This is based on what type of organization or business it was, how it was structured, and who had what titles. 

As excellent skip tracers, we can find all of the public records to show who is legally responsible for the damages. This information can then be used by your legal team to build a case for your client.

If you could use the assistance of our excellent Florida skip tracers, contact us today.